We Work Hard to Help you Source and Recruit the Right Talent

To ensure that we find you the right talent, our team focus on what we believe are the most important elements to bringing someone on board to your team that will help you grow the business: Expertise, Experience and Expectations.

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Russell King Associates has been an invaluable source with my hiring needs. They have without a doubt been of the highest calibre of individuals - professional, consultative and understanding.

We know that finding the right talent is difficult. The market is changing, and talented professionals are growing increasingly more savvy. Individuals like this are more likely to be in work, which is why our primary method, is to reach them there.

Our team knows how vitally important it is to ensure that client and candidate connect at more than just a CV level. It is for this reason that we place an emphasis on face to face interaction with all of our candidates, in order to thoroughly explore the expertise, expectations and character of each individual.

Today's climate demands that when we take on a project we know that we are not just seeking out the right skill set written on a CV for a role, but that we need to find a personality, an attitude and a character that is right for the culture of your organisation. 

If you like what you hear please contact us today to discuss how we can work together to provide candidates to you. We offer various options depending on your budget including contingency, retained, fixed price and branded advertising. Below are some of the clients we represent.