Don’t Sign Your New Work Contract Until You Read This!

Landed a new job? Great, congratulations! But before you get too excited, make sure that you stay informed of what you need to know before you sign the all important contract:

undraw_agreement_aajr (1).png
  • Job title and responsibilities - this is quite an obvious one but remember make sure you fully understand what will be required and expected of you. It is generally the case that the more broad your responsibilities are, the more varied your role will be, so make sure that you are prepared for that.

  • Bonuses - so you’ve been promised a hefty sum of a bonus - exciting! But the first thing you should do is check if any bonuses are guaranteed or discretionary and if based on performance, make sure there are tangible set targets with an understanding of who decided on if the objectives are met

  • Restrictive covenants - not something that you tend to think about when you just start a new job, but it is important to note of any restrictions that could hold you back in potential future roles for example in the case where you would depend on the clients that you have gained for business development

  • Notice Period - again, it's hard to think about your notice period when you're gearing yourself up for your first day, but make sure that you are aware for if/when the time comes for you to move on in your career