Parents Back to Work

Helping parents get back to work

We successfully ran a parents back to work seminar inviting parents in the local and surrounding area to our meeting to register with us and to hear from our speakers about how to get back into work after a break away from the workplace to raise children.

I took eight years out of the workplace to raise my youngest child, it was a massive struggle at first as I went from lots of adult interaction and traveling to several locations to changing nappies and the furthest I travelled was to the upstairs toilet.  I used to manage people and now I managed baby feeds.

My self-esteem diminished, my roots were terrible, I was in slippers and tracksuits all day, I even slept in my make up a few times (I know!)

I became a stay at home slob, not a stay at home mum, I gained 3 stones and quite frankly it wasn’t a good look.

I decided I needed to do something, my first step was volunteering which I enjoyed, it was so rewarding and I gained so many skills. 

I started applying for various jobs until I got a call from Russell King Associates, Kaan knew I had a massive gap in my skills but took the chance anyway, he has persevered with me, we have had our moments that’s for sure and I’m hoping that he can see the benefits to hiring me (most days).  I have just started my CIPD Level 5 with the company so hoping to grow with the company.

I have lost the extra 3 stones, take my make up off before bed, wear a suit, get my roots done and even wear heels!

Ever thought about volunteering?

We had a guest speaker from Greenwich and Bexley Hospice talking about volunteering opportunities, this is a great way to keep your skills up to date and to feel part of a team.

Not only do you help a great cause but you also benefit from the skills that you learn on the job.

Work from home?

We had a guest speaker from ACN talking about setting up a business from the comfort of your own home, being your own boss and working the hours that suit you.


This was a major worry for me when going back to work and the reason why I took my career break in the first place, the cost and the juggling of work and childcare felt so overwhelming, we ran through the options available to parents and tips on how to make it work, having a good network of mums and a ‘Childcare Help’ WhatsApp group is invaluable.

Keep checking back for our next date to be announced soon.