Why Use a Recruitment Agency to Find Talent?


Anyone who has ever been responsible for regularly recruiting staff will know how difficult the process can be. Defining job roles, advertising for applicants, screening candidates, and arranging interviews for shortlisted individuals, are all tasks that require a significant time investment to achieve.

There is a simpler option for companies to take advantage of and in this short post, we explain some of the benefits that local Greenwich firms will receive by using a recruitment agency to find staff.

By using a local Greenwich recruitment firm to fill open job positions, a company will receive the following benefits:

  • Significant time saving – because the recruitment company handles all of the time hungry tasks such as advertising, screening initial applications and carrying out preliminary interviews.
  • Local talent knowledge and expertise – a Greenwich based recruitment firm understands the local job market and has a deep knowledge of the local workforce. The recruiter can leverage this knowledge and expertise to find the best candidates for a position.
  • A single point of contact – with a local recruitment agency acting as the front-end of the recruitment process. So rather than having to deal with multiple agencies, applicants and other providers such as advertisers, you have a single point of contact for the entire recruitment campaign.
  • Cost effective – Greenwich based businesses will find that using a local recruitment company to find new staff will usually be cheaper than running their own recruitment campaigns.
  • Simplified budgeting – running a recruitment campaign in-house can often result in costs spiralling out of control. However, using an external recruiter comes at a fixed cost. Making it far simpler to assign budgets to departmentalised recruitment campaigns.
  • Improved scalability – by building a close relationship with a recruitment agency in Greenwich, local firms gain the ability to employ new staff in a much more agile manner. Meaning they have much shorter lead times in inducting new employees, resulting in less of a need to maintain redundant staff to cover short-term peaks in workload.
  • Repeatable recruitment campaigns – once you have actioned a recruitment campaign with your local recruitment firm, then you can always repeat that campaign again, next time a similar post opens up. Furthermore, fresh campaigns can be defined rapidly, by using previous campaigns as a starting point.
  • These are just some of the benefits that companies can gain, when using a local recruitment agency.

If you would like to find out how we can help to simplify your recruitment process, whilst reducing the cost incurred when inducting new staff, then we are happy to discuss your needs with you.

We build close trading relationships with local Greenwich businesses, with the aim of matching the best local candidates to the job positions our clients have open.

We rely on our deep knowledge of the local workforce, to make sure we match the right person to the right job, every time.