Twenty Things Interviewers Want You To Do

Sometimes the hardest part of interviewing is trying to read the interviewer's mind. Guessing what they are actually looking for in a candidate, and how to prove you can fulfill those needs.

We've asked various different interviewers in different industries what a candidate could do to really wow them. So you no longer have to guess!

Here's what they told us:

1. Visit our stores/hotels/restaurants.
2. Buy something we sell, if appropriate.
3. Look at our website.
4. Study our competition.
5. Look at our financial data.
6. Know the share price (if a public company).
7. Check our history; ownership and recent takeover bids.
8. Look up all our previous press releases.
9. Comment on our recent successes.
10. Don't comment on any bad publicity though!
11. Know who our senior management team is. CEO, HRD, ect.
12. Make sure your social media profiles are appropriate.
13. Check our social media profiles. Both the companies and your interviewers.
14. Check your journey.
15. Check the dress code.
16. Get to the interview 30 mins early, but don't announce yourself until 10 mins before the appointment.
17. Get rid of any chewing gum before coming near the premises.
18. Don't smoke outside the building.
19. Switch your phone OFF before you arrive. If you forget and it rings, do not answer it.
20. Be pleasant to our receptionist, security guard and anyone else you meet near or on the company premises.

So get going! Visit them, do your research and plan your day. You'll be great. 

Good luck!