Parents Back to Work

Helping parents get back to work

We successfully ran a parents back to work seminar inviting parents in the local and surrounding area to our meeting to register with us and to hear from our speakers about how to get back into work after a break away from the workplace to raise children.

I took eight years out of the workplace to raise my youngest child, it was a massive struggle at first as I went from lots of adult interaction and traveling to several locations to changing nappies and the furthest I travelled was to the upstairs toilet.  I used to manage people and now I managed baby feeds.

My self-esteem diminished, my roots were terrible, I was in slippers and tracksuits all day, I even slept in my make up a few times (I know!)

I became a stay at home slob, not a stay at home mum, I gained 3 stones and quite frankly it wasn’t a good look.

I decided I needed to do something, my first step was volunteering which I enjoyed, it was so rewarding and I gained so many skills. 

I started applying for various jobs until I got a call from Russell King Associates, Kaan knew I had a massive gap in my skills but took the chance anyway, he has persevered with me, we have had our moments that’s for sure and I’m hoping that he can see the benefits to hiring me (most days).  I have just started my CIPD Level 5 with the company so hoping to grow with the company.

I have lost the extra 3 stones, take my make up off before bed, wear a suit, get my roots done and even wear heels!

Ever thought about volunteering?

We had a guest speaker from Greenwich and Bexley Hospice talking about volunteering opportunities, this is a great way to keep your skills up to date and to feel part of a team.

Not only do you help a great cause but you also benefit from the skills that you learn on the job.

Work from home?

We had a guest speaker from ACN talking about setting up a business from the comfort of your own home, being your own boss and working the hours that suit you.


This was a major worry for me when going back to work and the reason why I took my career break in the first place, the cost and the juggling of work and childcare felt so overwhelming, we ran through the options available to parents and tips on how to make it work, having a good network of mums and a ‘Childcare Help’ WhatsApp group is invaluable.

Keep checking back for our next date to be announced soon.



Charity Sports Day 2018


We at Russell King Associates know the importance of giving back to our local community and charities which is why this year for the second year running we organised an Old school sports day to raise money for Demelza children’s hospice.

Appealing to but also challenging local businesses to enter for a registration fee to come and compete with us for the title that we won last (and again this year), raising money whilst having a lot of fun in the process, despite the heat!

The day was made up of old fashion kids sports day activities, egg and spoon, relay, balancing a bean bag on your head, jumping through hoops, 3-legged race and many more activities.

We got great support from local businesses, either by donating, taking part, supplying goods or services for us to raffle off and to Deansfield school for allowing us to borrow their equipment.

The event was held on the 7th July at Eltham park south and the total raised was £1,700. It was such a huge success we look forward to holding it again next year!

Sports day 2018


We are pleased to announce that this year we will be holding another sports day at Eltham park south, Glenesk Road SE9, Royal Borough of Greenwich to raise money for Demelza Childrens hospice.

Do you remember the old school sports day, Egg and Spoon, 3-Legged Race and Bean Bag race? Well if you like us enjoy reminiscing down memory lane to the days when you were at school (some of us have to think further back than others, me being one of them) then do come along and join us for a fun filled day.

Last year was our first sports day and we loved it so much that we had to repeat it again this year, the extra bonus was that we won! No cheating of course, it would appear we are not just winners when it comes to recruitment.

We will be at Eltham Park South from 10am, if you can’t join in on the day then please come and cheer us on, we are going to need it!

Not only will you be raising money for a great cause, but it will be fun guaranteed.

If you would like to participate, sponsor or offer a raffle prize please email us on

Commitment to Healthy Staff

healthy rka.jpg


City Hall celebrates Russell King Associates who show commitment to healthy staff

Businesses in London that show outstanding dedication to the health and wellbeing of their staff have been recognised in a special ceremony at City Hall.  

Over 65 businesses and organisations from across the capital including Russell King Associates, were awarded for their commitment and investment in employee welfare through the London Healthy Workplace Charter, which is supported by the Mayor of London.

27.3 million working days are lost each year in London due to sickness absence or injury and an estimated 914,300 adults of working age in the capital are affected by mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, with £10.4 billion lost each year to businesses.

The London Healthy Workplace Charter helps organisations address some of the biggest challenges businesses face, including recruitment and staff retention, sickness absence and employee productivity. Organisations are encouraged to address those challenges by developing wellbeing programmes across a wide range of areas, including support for mental health and wellbeing, smoking, alcohol and substance misuse, improving physical activity and promoting healthy eating.

Kaan Azmi, Lisa Rex and Janet Gomes from Russell King Associates were presented with the award by Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development, Institute for Employment Studies.

Kaan Azmi, Managing Director of Russell King Associates, said: “As our business is all about recruitment we felt it was imperative to be part of the Healthy Workplace Charter. Not only do we want to develop our wellbeing and promote healthy eating we wanted to show our candidates and clients how being part of the charter can make an impact within their workplace. We are proud to be awarded with such an accreditation and will continue striving for ways to improve our workplace.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Congratulations to all of the organisations and businesses who’ve been recognised through the Healthy Workplace Charter. Without a high-performing and healthy workforce, London would not be the fast-paced and successful city it is. It is great to see so many businesses and organisations showing true commitment to the health and wellbeing of their employees. Their dedication to their workforce is an example of how local businesses can prosper, attract the best talent and reap the rewards of investing in their staff.”

The Mayor of London is committed to ensuring employers across the capital are provided with clear and easy guidance on how to improve their workplaces to enable their staff to flourish. Every organisation that signs up to the Charter is matched to a local borough lead who provides assistance with applying for accreditation. 

The Mayor's Good Work Standard will also support employers to adopt the very best employment standards as well as promoting flexible working cultures that enable workers to progress and fulfill their potential. 


The Real Cost of a Bad Recruitment Hire

bad recruitment hire.jpg

In an ideal world there would not be any bad recruitment hires and everyone would have fantastic retention. However, recent statistics and reports put together by the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC), Monster, Indeed and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) provides us with a very different story.


Businesses in the UK are failing to hire the right candidate for two out of five roles despite the cost of making a mistake in the recruitment process.

Candidates in mid-level management positions earning £42000 per annum can end up costing a business over £132000.

85% of decision makers within HR admit they have made a mistake with a bad hire.

Increased staff turnover, training costs and lost productivity were some of the key factors when calculating the cost of a bad recruitment hire.

Data from Leadership IQ shows that 46% of hires turn out to be bad hires within 18 months.

39% of employers admit the assessment and interviewing process of candidates needs improvement in the hiring process.

Lost client opportunity is also a factor if the bad recruitment hire has not looked after a client and the client goes elsewhere.


Statement from REC chief executive Kevin Green:

“Getting recruitment right is even more important during a time of economic uncertainty because businesses need to ensure they’re not wasting money. Our calculations show that UK businesses are wasting billions every year because of the volume of hiring mistakes being made.

“Shockingly, we discovered that employers are completely underestimating the financial impact of getting recruitment wrong, and not learning how to improve.


If you would like to speak to one of our qualified consultants about reducing the risk of a bad recruitment hire, please get in contact.

Why Use a Recruitment Agency to Find Talent?


Anyone who has ever been responsible for regularly recruiting staff will know how difficult the process can be. Defining job roles, advertising for applicants, screening candidates, and arranging interviews for shortlisted individuals, are all tasks that require a significant time investment to achieve.

There is a simpler option for companies to take advantage of and in this short post, we explain some of the benefits that local Greenwich firms will receive by using a recruitment agency to find staff.

By using a local Greenwich recruitment firm to fill open job positions, a company will receive the following benefits:

  • Significant time saving – because the recruitment company handles all of the time hungry tasks such as advertising, screening initial applications and carrying out preliminary interviews.
  • Local talent knowledge and expertise – a Greenwich based recruitment firm understands the local job market and has a deep knowledge of the local workforce. The recruiter can leverage this knowledge and expertise to find the best candidates for a position.
  • A single point of contact – with a local recruitment agency acting as the front-end of the recruitment process. So rather than having to deal with multiple agencies, applicants and other providers such as advertisers, you have a single point of contact for the entire recruitment campaign.
  • Cost effective – Greenwich based businesses will find that using a local recruitment company to find new staff will usually be cheaper than running their own recruitment campaigns.
  • Simplified budgeting – running a recruitment campaign in-house can often result in costs spiralling out of control. However, using an external recruiter comes at a fixed cost. Making it far simpler to assign budgets to departmentalised recruitment campaigns.
  • Improved scalability – by building a close relationship with a recruitment agency in Greenwich, local firms gain the ability to employ new staff in a much more agile manner. Meaning they have much shorter lead times in inducting new employees, resulting in less of a need to maintain redundant staff to cover short-term peaks in workload.
  • Repeatable recruitment campaigns – once you have actioned a recruitment campaign with your local recruitment firm, then you can always repeat that campaign again, next time a similar post opens up. Furthermore, fresh campaigns can be defined rapidly, by using previous campaigns as a starting point.
  • These are just some of the benefits that companies can gain, when using a local recruitment agency.

If you would like to find out how we can help to simplify your recruitment process, whilst reducing the cost incurred when inducting new staff, then we are happy to discuss your needs with you.

We build close trading relationships with local Greenwich businesses, with the aim of matching the best local candidates to the job positions our clients have open.

We rely on our deep knowledge of the local workforce, to make sure we match the right person to the right job, every time.

Demonstrating the Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency


To start this post, we would like to officially announce that we have recently been awarded preferred supplier status with Greenwich Council. When choosing a recruitment agency, Greenwich Council had decided they were looking for a local option, rather than choosing one of the large national recruitment firms. We are happy to say we managed to tick all the right boxes, as a Greenwich based recruitment agency, and look forward to our new trading partnership with the local Greenwich authority.

There are many good reasons why Greenwich Council wanted to use a local firm to help its HR department find the right candidates for open positions. Using a local Greenwich recruitment agency can give the following benefits:

  • Greater access to quality local candidates – rather than using a passive form of recruitment such as local advertising, a local recruitment firm will proactively seek out the best local talent on your behalf.
  • A more efficient recruitment process – as your local recruitment agency will be handling the sharp end of the recruitment process on your behalf. Meaning you will not have to spend time vetting possibly hundreds of applications. Instead, you will just receive a short-list of the best candidates for the job.
  • Access to region specific recruitment insights – for a local recruitment agency, Greenwich will be a familiar and well-known catchment area. Recruiters will have their finger on the pulse of the local job market, and be able to leverage this expertise to track down the very best candidates for your company.
  • Reduce the recruitment overhead – by having the recruitment firm interview local Greenwich candidates on behalf of your company, pre-screening applicants and ensuring that only the very cream of the crop require your valuable time for a final interview.
  • Lower risk – because you are outsourcing a large portion of the recruitment process, you are not liable to incur any costs due to mistakes being made internally. Your recruitment partner is carrying all the risks whilst running your recruitment campaign. Your costs are fixed and transparent.
  • The ability to operate a more scalable staffing solution – you will be able to rapidly recruit staff to cover opening job roles or fill temporary ones. You will no longer need to maintain an “on hand” workforce that is larger than the work requirement actually is, just to cover potential staffing shortfalls.

These are just a few of the benefits that using a local recruitment company in Greenwich can deliver. There are many more, and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Russell King Associates is a Greenwich based recruitment firm that can help you find the right candidate amongst the masses to fill any job role. If you need help recruiting local Greenwich staff, then we are here to assist you. 


The 5 Common Mistakes Employers Make When Recruiting Talent (and How to Avoid Them)

The 5 Common Mistakes Employers Make When Recruiting Talent (and How to Avoid Them)

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