Supporting Demelza's Children's Hospice

Russell King Associates is a proud fundraiser for Demelza. We got local businesses together to take part in a Sport's Day that we hosted and successfully raised £1,600 for this fantastic cause and the work that they do.  


Demelza exist to make life better for babies, children and young people who have life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, and to support their parents, brothers and sisters, and all those who love them.

They’ve been providing this care since 1998 and, through the generosity of others, they can continue to be there for families for years to come.



With the help and support of friends, family and local businesses, we successfully hosted a fun-filled Sport's Day for the whole family to enjoy in a local park. 



We will soon be volunteering at Demelza's sensory garden in Sitttingbourne! Photos to follow!